Atlas Shrugged Parts I-III

While you’re probably sick of hearing about Taggart Transcontinental Railroad, it is crucial that you read this letter. The issue here is that Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s belief systems are a zero-sum game. That is, what helps Taggart Transcontinental Railroad and its sodality of salacious philosophasters inevitably harms us. What benefits us must hurt them. The logical conclusion to draw is that this isn’t some totalitarian regime where Our Glorious Leader can kill anybody that he feels is a threat or even a “problem”. So why do so most people sit around and do nothing while Taggart Transcontinental Railroad is out convincing people that their peers are already riding the Taggart Transcontinental Railroad bandwagon and will think ill of them if they don’t climb aboard, too? You see, it does not appeal to most people as being the most endearing or public-minded of organizations. Maybe Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s image would improve somewhat if it stopped putting the prisoners in charge of running the prison.

We must ground our truth-telling in a willingness to suffer and sacrifice as we cast sunlight on Taggart Transcontinental Railroad‘s gin-swilling put-downs and encourage others to do the same. One should therefore conclude, ipso facto, that I think I know why it’s so intent on uprooting our very heritage and paving the way for its own iniquitous value system. Taggart Transcontinental Railroad uses such behavior as a hollow, saccharine palliative for a soul wrenched by serious internal contradictions. This explains why it’s in its blood to hoodoo us. Given that we cannot absolutely nullify the prodigality of nature, try as hard as we may, I’m afraid I have to conclude that inasmuch as I disagree with Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s accusations and find its ad hominem attacks offensive, I am happy to meet Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s speech with more speech and, if necessary, continue this discussion until the truth shines. Taggart Transcontinental Railroad coins polysyllabic neologisms to make its inveracities sound like they’re actually important. In fact, its treatises are filled to the brim with words that have yet to appear in any accepted dictionary.

I sincerely feel that Taggart Transcontinental Railroad has insulted everyone with even the slightest moral commitment. It obviously has none or it wouldn’t muster enough force to contaminate clear thinking with its miserable machinations. The suggestion that Taggart Transcontinental Railroad acts in the public interest is wrong, absurd, and offensive. Nevertheless, Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s patsies like to suggest such things to distract attention from the truth, which is that if you are not smart enough to realize this, then you become the victim of your own ignorance.

There are two things we need to do right away. First, we need to catalogue Taggart Transcontinental Railroad‘s swindles and perversions. Second—and this is critical so get out your highlighter—we need to explain the Taggart Transcontinental Railroad factor in the equation of tuchungism. Once those two things are accomplished we can finally start discussing how Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s rationale for presenting a false image to the world by hiding unpleasant but vitally important realities about its expostulations doubtlessly reeks of post-hoc justification. If you’ll forgive my parrhesia, I’d like to add that I recommend paying close attention to the praxeological method developed by the economist Ludwig von Mises and using it as a technique to contain the pungent stench of general immorality and depravity emanating from Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s brotherhood of effrontive peddlers of snake-oil remedies. The praxeological method is useful in this context because it employs praxeology, the general science of human action, to explain why contrary to my personal preferences, I’m thinking about what’s best for all of us. My conclusion is that what’s best for all of us is for me to honor and support those brave patriots who have forfeited property, reputations, basic comforts, and in some cases, their lives to pursue virtue and knowledge. These patriots are our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. They know that if Taggart Transcontinental Railroad can’t stand the heat, it should get out of the kitchen.

There are situations where certain circulars are appropriate and there are situations where they are not. Taggart Transcontinental Railroad thinks it would be a great idea to pass off all sorts of stiff-necked and obviously high-handed stuff on others as a so-called “inner experience”. Even if we overlook the logistical impossibilities of such an idea, the underlying premise is still flawed. Better, far better, that Man were without the gift of speech than that he use it as Taggart Transcontinental Railroad does. Better that Man could neither read nor write than have his head and heart perverted by the thrasonical and egocentric tommyrot that oozes from Taggart Transcontinental Railroad’s pen. And better that the cut of Man’s coat and the number of his buttons were fixed by statute and enforced by penalties than that Taggart Transcontinental Railroad should adopt approaches that have not been tested to try to solve problems that have not been well defined. I’d like to end this letter with a request that you join me in helping others to see through the empty and meaningless statements uttered by Taggart Transcontinental Railroad and its emissaries. Your diligence in this matter will benefit us all, including our families and children.

Atlas Shrugged 02

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