We weigh anchor Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin novels, the greatest historical naval adventures (and literary bromance) ever published. For England!

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The X-Files

Aliens. Cryptids. Psychic weirdos. Government conspiracies. The Truth is Out There, and we’re gonna talk about our favorite moments from it.

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Kung-Fu Movies

Hah! Hey…you’re pretty good. I’ll give you that. Your Crane-style podcast is better than I thought. But it’s still no match for my TIGER STYLE PODCAST #shomp #shomp #shomp

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Mad Max

Witness us as we ride on the Fury Road, all shiny and chrome, in pursuit of a desolate man, a burned-out shell of a man.

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Friends of Ours

We get by with a little help from our friends, so in this episode, we’re bigging up great projects by folks we know personally. Everybody knows a creator, so show them some love!

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Stay awhile and listen as we talk about the action role-playing dungeon crawler that changed the game for everyone.

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MCU Phase 3

Make room for more Marvel magnificence, True Believers! It’s a costumed cavalcade from Captain America to Captain Marvel and everything in between!

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Halloween Monsters

Let’s talk about our favorite entries from the Halloween creature catalog: witches, werewolves, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Headless Horseman. the Mummy, vampires, zombies, ghosts, and more!

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The studio that set the standard for computer animation has delivered more Moments of Truth so far than any of us could have imagined.

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MCU Phase 2

Join us as we discuss our favorite Marvel moments from The Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and more. Excelsior!

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